Before buying a player, you may want to test it with a few complex discs such as The Matrix, The Abyss, Independence Day, and DVD Demystified

You might want to buy a DVD PC instead of a standard DVD player, especially if you want progressive video.

Selectable sound tracks and subtitles, multiangle viewing, aspect ratio control, parental/multirating features, fast and slow playback, great digital video, multichannel digital audio, compatibility with Dolby Pro Logic receivers, on-screen menus, dual-layer playback, and ability to play audio CDs all DVD players.

Do you need a features:

DTS audio ... a player with the "DTS Digital Out" logo.

Recordable DVDs ... ability to read -R, -RW, +R, and +RW formats.

Setup menus in languages other than English ... a multilanguage setup feature.

Play Video CDs ... check the specs for Video CD compatibility.

Ability to play homemade CD-R audio discs ... a "dual laser" feature.

Ability to play discs from other countries ... see regions information and TV formats.

Ability to control all my entertainment devices with one remote control ... you need a player with a programmable universal remote, or make sure your existing universal remote is compatible with the DVD player.