Red Book physical format for audio CDs (a/k/a CD-DA)
Yellow Book physical format for data CDs
Green Book physical format for CD-i
Orange Book physical format for recordable CDs
Part I: CD-MO magneto-optical
Part II: CD-WO write-once; includes "hybrid" spec for PhotoCD
Part III: CD-RW re-writable; originally called CD-E
White Book format for VideoCD (often written "VCD")
Blue Book CD Extra (occasionally used to refer to LaserDisc format)
CD Extra a two-session CD, 1st is CD-DA, 2nd is data (a/k/a CD Plus)
MODE-1 standard 2048-byte Yellow Book sectors, with error correction
MODE-2 2336-byte sectors, usually used for CD-ROM/XA
CD-ROM/XA eXtended Architecture; CD-ROM/XA MODE-2 defines two forms:
FORM-1: 2048 bytes of data, with error correction, for data FORM-2: 2324 bytes of data, no ecc, for audio/video
ISO-9660 file layout standard (evolved from High Sierra format)
Rock Ridge extensions allowing long filenames and UNIX-style symlinks
CD-RFS Sony's incremental packet-writing filesystem
CD-UDF industry-standard incremental packet-writing filesystem
CD-Text Philips' std for encoding disc and track data on audio CDs
CD-ROM/XA an extension to the Yellow Book Mode 2 standard: between CD-ROM and CD-i (Green Book)