In the composition perfectly all program's packages for recording CD there is a utility for simple copying disks. Sometimes there is a program, sometimes - a part of some another program.

read a long file's name on CD?

Important to remember that the most widespread file system for CD (ISO-9660 Level 1) supports a file's name is eight simbols long and three symbols resolution. A files with more long name may be use in Joilet or Rock Ridge standarts or in another file's systems (UDF, HFS).

CD hasn't rounded tracks. Trere are tracks along spiral and many session consist of many tracks, which consist of many sectors. A sector's data are alternate and distribute to large area.

For coping CD on CD source code must to support a recovery digital audio. This is seldom to use between old CD-ROM drives, but last models very often have it. Ideally, the program of coping uses a mode disc-at-once for making a copy (CDRWIN).

Some programs are coping CD only on hard drive, then - on CD-R, some programs makes copy possible straight from CD to CD, but only in that case if a drive of source - SCSI CD-ROM (or IDE or SCSI)...